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Edmonton Fringe Festival

Café Bicyclette Stage at

La Cité Francophone

August 15th-25th, 2024

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Daphne Charrois

Dan Charrois

Vanessa King

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Fool's Gold emerges as a theatrical gem, seamlessly blending history, romance, and ​adventure into a captivating musical set amidst the backdrop of the 1898 Canadian Gold ​Rush. It chronicles the journey of two brothers, Henry and Thomas Montrose, heirs to ​generational wealth but driven by the allure of pride and independent fortune.

As they embark on their quest for gold from the bustling port of Dyea to the legendary ​Dawson City, their fates intertwine with that of Charlotte Parker, a spirited can-can ​dancer whose quick wit and unwavering independence become their only chance for the ​treacherous trials of the Yukon. Together, they navigate the perilous Chilkoot Trail, ​braving the elements, fuelled by the promise of untold riches and the thrill of adventure. ​Their journey unfolds against a reality of privileged Victorian standards, their prior ​disregard for the land and its inhabitants, and their own naïvety. Throughout, they are ​consistently challenged both physically and mentally, forcing them to reevaluate the way ​they thought life was to be.

Fool's Gold pushes the boundaries of traditional musical theatre, immersing audiences in a ​spellbinding narrative that will resonate long after the final performance. This story will ​stand as a testament to the transformative power of live theatre, inviting audiences on an ​unforgettable journey of discovery, redemption, and the enduring pursuit of the human ​spirit.

A Note From the PLAYWRIGHT

In 2012, I was lucky enough to experience the real rush of ​the Klondike first hand. At 10 years old, my parents, little ​brother and I hiked the 53 km trail through the mountains ​from the ghost town of Dyea, Alaska to Lake Bennett, ​British Columbia, Canada. Back then, as much as the views ​were unforgettable, I didn’t realize the full significance and ​history - and could have never predicted the impact this ​trail would have on my life.

me at ten

For five days straight, we hiked with everything we needed on our backs. I have a few ​very specific memories from getting to experience it first hand. The remains of the hotels ​and saloons, and the 114 year old litter that lined the path. Hiking the Golden Staircase ​and my dad encouraging me as I reached false summit after false summit. Finally making ​it to the top of the pass and seeing everything. Sliding down in the snow on the other ​side. The best beef stew, still to this day, I ever had, served homemade and fresh at ​Lake Bennett.

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hiking the chilkoot trail

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We then stayed an accidental seven ​days in Dawson City after our car ​broke down and got to truly experience ​their community for a short period of ​time. Although a popular tourist ​destination, Dawson City is a small ​town, filled with history and legends, ​(look up the Sour Toe Cocktail.)

For the years that followed, it was occasionally brought up as an interesting idea that we ​would talk about but never actually sit down and write. Until I did.

Henry, Thomas, and Charlotte truly feel like friends of mine at this point. I know their ​motivations, their weaknesses, their childhoods, even what happens after what we see in the ​show. To me, their stories have become so full I often forget they aren’t “real”.

This show is my heart and I have been holding it close to me for so long, but I am ​now ready to share it with the world. I believe in it and hope you do as well.

Thank you for letting me “Chase the Dream”

Daphne Charrois

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AUDITION: April 22nd - CALLBACKS: April 28th

To apply for an audition slot, please email your headshot, your performance ​resume, and roles you would like to be considered for to​ auditions@foolsgoldthemusical.com with the subject line

“Fool’s Gold Audition - [Your Full Name].”

If you are unable to make these dates, include your availability in the ​surrounding days and we will do our best to accommodate.

Only those selected for an audition will be provided an audition time.

We welcome and encourage submissions from individuals of all gender ​identities, cultures, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and abilities.

At this time, only a limited stipend for talent is available.

Only those 16+ can apply.

Deadline to Apply: April 12th

Those selected must:

  • Prepare a monologue of your choice (2 minutes max)
  • Prepare a musical theatre song of your choice (2-3 minutes max)
  • Actors may be asked to stay for a brief interview following your audition

Please bring sheet music for the live accompanist



Upper class gentlemen, quiet, reserved, introverted. He is very well educated and has a ​natural gift for studies. He is the first born child and all the responsibility and pressure has ​fallen on him. Must be comfortable playing opposite Charlotte romantically.

Vocal Part: Bari-Tenor


A charming bachelor with a quick witted sense of humour. Same upbringing as his older ​brother Thomas, to very different outcomes. He is a born thrill seeker and adventurer with ​a big heart.

Vocal Part: Tenor


A spitfire with a warm, lovable personality. She is always one to take the lead and get ​things done. Quick to challenge others and raise her voice, she is not shy, but she is ​lovable. Even without a formal education, she is very well educated from her experiences. ​Must be comfortable playing opposite Thomas romantically.

Vocal Part: Mezzo-Soprano

DOVE (30s-50s)

The brothel Madam in Dyea. Confident, commanding presence, that can both entertain and ​strike fear. Dove will also play various ensemble roles.

Vocal Part: Alto


Dressed in their well known red serge, they work to keep the north settled during a time ​when there was an unstoppable influx of people heading to Dawson City.

They will also play ensemble roles.

ENSEMBLE (20s-70s)

Can-can dancers, prospectors, miners, sour-doughs, townspeople. The ensemble plays a ​cruci​a​l role and is in nearly every scene.

*The role of Charlotte has b​een cast, seeking Understudy/Ensemble

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Vanessa is an exceptionally talented theatre director, renowned for her ​remarkable body of work spanning over two decades. With a distinguished ​portfolio boasting more than 15 mainstage musical productions, Vanessa has ​firmly established herself as a visionary force in the theatre. Her directorial ​credits include iconic productions such as The Sound of Music, Legally Blonde, ​Newsies, Matilda, Pirates of Penzance and Little Shop of Horrors, among many ​others. Each of her shows consistently garners widespread acclaim and sells out ​performances, cementing Vanessa's reputation for delivering consistent ​professionalism and artistic excellence.

Vanessa's journey in theatre began with a foundation rooted in education and ​passion for the dramatic arts. She pursued her academic endeavours at the ​University of Alberta, where she earned a Bachelor of Education with a major in ​Drama and a minor in English. Armed with a solid academic background and a ​fervent dedication to her craft, Vanessa pursued her love of teaching and ​directing hand in hand.

With an unwavering dedication to artistic excellence and a proven track record of ​success, Vanessa continues to push the boundaries of theatrical storytelling, ​captivating audiences with her innovative vision and unparalleled artistry.



Daphne emerges as a dynamic force in the artistic landscape, proudly ​representing the intersection of her queer identity and Franço-Canadian roots. A ​graduate of The American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York City, ​Daphne's multifaceted talents are not confined to the theatre alone; her debut ​single, "Don't Call Me Baby," premiered globally, showcasing her versatility as ​an artist.

Most recently, Daphne performed as Emma Nolan in the Tony-nominated musical​ The Prom with NUOVA Vocal Arts, adding an extra special credit to her resume. ​Her experiences have been diverse, from captivating audiences as a Lead Vocalist ​on AIDA Cruises for two contracts to enchanting young audiences when she ​performed on The Stars Within Reach National Tour.

Daphne's theatrical journey includes standout performances such as Janet in The ​Drowsy Chaperone at the Citadel Theatre, Maria in The Sound of Music, ​Josephine Strong in Urinetown, and the role of Julie Siraz in the Workshop of​ The Big Eyed Gorilla, which premiered at A.R.T. New York City.

Beyond her achievements on stage, Daphne has ventured into the realms of ​playwriting and directing. Her short play, The Memory Game, is a testament to ​her love of writing, while her directorial work on Digging Up the Boys earned her ​awards for Best Director and Best Visuals.

Composer & Music Director


Known for his musical talent and kindness, Dan emerges as a virtuoso musician ​and composer. Possessing a flawless sense of pitch and an intuitive understanding ​of melody, he captivates listeners with his masterful command of a diverse array ​of instruments, ranging from the piano and guitar to the accordion and clarinet, ​and recently, for Fool’s Gold, banjo and fiddle.

With an unmistakable gift for arrangement and composition, Dan spends hours ​upon each bar of music, tirelessly crafting compositions that resonate deeply and ​tell the musical’s story through each note. In Fool's Gold, Dan showcases his ​talent by composing over twelve original songs, each meticulously crafted ​alongside Daphne Charrois to create what cannot be said in words alone. A ​consummate perfectionist, Dan's work is characterised by its polished elegance, ​refined craftsmanship, and unwavering passion.

With every composition, Dan's musical genius shines brightly, leaving an ​indelible mark on all who have the pleasure of experiencing his artistry. In Fool's ​Gold, his exceptional talent promises to elevate the musical to new heights, ​enriching the production with his creativity and boundless passion for music.

Costume Designer

jeannie CHARROIS

Jeannie is an accomplished costume designer, with her incredible talent and ​unwavering dedication setting her apart as a true necessity to any production. ​With an impressive portfolio boasting over 200+ meticulously crafted costume ​pieces over the last decade, with over 100 for The Sound of Music alone, ​Jeannie's passion, vision, and unmatched skills have garnered widespread ​acclaim and recognition.

Her creative journey is a testament to her innate talent and lifelong dedication ​to the art of design. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Education, specialising ​in Clothing and Textiles from the University of Alberta, Jeannie's love for ​sewing and design blossomed at a young age, laying the foundation for her ​passion of costume design.

Highlights of her work include captivating productions such as A Christmas ​Story, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, Into the Woods, James ​and the Giant Peach, Newsies, Digging up the Boys, Legally Blonde, and​ Matilda. Each costume reflects Jeannie's boundless imagination and meticulous ​attention to detail, elevating productions to new heights with her pieces.

In Fool's Gold, Jeannie embarks on one of her most ambitious projects yet, ​crafting upscale Victorian outfits and can-can dancer ensembles, among many ​others. Her imaginative designs will breathe life into the characters and ​transport audiences back to 1898 with their intricate detail.

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Donations & Sponsorship

Your support by believing in our show is already an incredible ​contribution.

If you feel inclined to donate, your generosity would undoubtedly make a ​significant impact on our ability to deliver outstanding performances and ​create memorable experiences for our audience. However, please remember ​that your support in any capacity is treasured and cherished.

If you are interested in being a sponsor, please contact​ info@foolsgoldthemusical.com.

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